Prodigy Math Game

Dear Parents,

This year we'll be using an exciting educational game called Prodigy. While we will be using the program during school hours, students are encouraged to play with the same character at home to supplement their practice!

Help your child by registering a free parent account now.
1. Go to
2. Enter your account details to create your parent account.
3. Once logged in, follow the on-boarding instructions.
4. Add your child using their username and password (flyer sent home).

Real-Time Reports
A Prodigy Parent account gives you access to multiple comprehensive reports, daily and weekly usage data, and it will even email you from time to time about your child’s progress!

How does my child play Prodigy at home?
1. Go to on almost any Internet enabled device.
2. Select ‘Play Prodigy’ in the top-right corner.
3. Once the game loads, enter your child's username and password and select ‘LOGIN.’ Your child's username and password can be used to log into the game by following the instructions above

I will be assigning work based on what we are learning in class for students to complete as a review on their own time.